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Easter Island Moai

The mysterious statues, known as Moai, of Easter Island

We spent some time in Easter Island in May of 2009.  The enigmatic statues, or Moai, were incredible, but that’s a story for another blog!.

Easter Island is a part of Chile, so much of its food is in the Chilean style.  Here’s a meal known as Bistec a lo pobre, or “Poor Man’s Steak.”  How’s that for a misnomer!  It consists of a piece of steak topped with two fried eggs and served with french fries and fried onions.  Not only is it not for the poor, but it’s not for those who need to watch their waistline, either.

It’s pretty much as you’d expect; tasty for at least the first few bites before the sheer unhealthiness of it gets to you.

Bistec a lo Pobre

Bistec a lo Pobre, or "Poor Man's Steak" is not so aptly named


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